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  • Madhumitha laboratory, a supportive service at Mahathma Eye Hospital superspeciality Eye Hospital. Provides the necessary Madhumitha laboratory investigations required for patient care to ensure physical health status before eye surgery.
  • The Madhumitha laboratory does various tests related to Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology.
  • The in house lab facility provided by Mahathma Eye Hospital is also supported for outsourced tests.
  • The qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological finds such as blood, Hemioglobin, WBC total count, WBC differential count, polymorph, lymphocytes, Eosinophils, Monocytes, Blood Glucose,, (Fasting, 2hour (pp), Random, Urea, Creatinin, Bleeding time and clotting time) etc. are performed for specific diagnosis to support ophthalmologists in the practice of medicine.
  • The greatest emphasis has been given to ensure accuracy, precision reproducibility and prompt reporting with minimal wasting time.
  • The Madhumitha Laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment RAY to analyzer
  • To operate this sophisticated gadget, the Madhumitha Laboratary has dedicated, Motivated, knowledgeable and qualified technical Staff.
  • The core team of personal is constantly involved in updating the Madhumitha laboratory techniques and maintenance
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